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Diet Wiegman light sculptures (shadow sculptures)

Diet Wiegman
(born 24 January 1944, Schiedam), is a Dutch multidisciplinary visual artist from the Netherlands.


Diet Wiegman graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam in 1965. Throughout his fifty-year career he has never restricted himself to a single discipline or theme. He makes drawings, paintings, sculptures (ceramics and licht sculptures) and public art works. Wiegman quickly achieved recognition for his light sculptures in which light is projected onto an assemblage to create the shadow silhouette of an iconic sculpture.


Wiegman is called an ‘omnivore in art’ because every medium shows up in his oeuvre. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, glass and ceramic objects, performance art, art in public space, referring to fashion, architecture and more. In his performances, music and dance were also integrated. More and more he combines his works from various periods and mixes everything together. In his own words: ‘Analogous to life, just as every person reuses his early experiences and memories and combines them with new achievements from the present’.


In 2009 and 2010, Wiegman was voted ‘Most brilliant artist of the Netherlands’. His art can be found in the public space and is owned by museums and private collectors around the world.


Collections: Boymans van Beuningen, Groninger Museum, Frans Hals Museum, Museum Voorlinden (Caldic Collection), museums in Hamburg, Oslo and Trondheim and many other private and corporate collections throughout Europe and the United States.


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Diet Wiegman Ceramics


Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman | DAvid After Dinner | Price on request

Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman | Growing Icon | Price on request

Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman | Atlas off Balance | 50x45x48 cm | Shadow included: 100x80x55 cm | Price on request

Diet Wiegman Schiedam

Diet Wiegman | Main street (Schiedam) | Price on request

Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman | "Art Omnivore" | Price on request

Diet Wiegman Shadow dancing

Diet Wiegman | Shadow dancing | Price on request

Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman | Rembrandt illuminated | Price on request

Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman | The Big Bang | Price on request

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