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Jacques Tange

Jacques Tange was born in Vlissingen Netherlands in 1960 and educated at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam.

Jacques is inspired by the illuminated handwritings of the Middle Ages. He is using his own imagination and humour in present-day themes. The ornamentation and his typical use of bright colours are applied in archetypes and metaphors. Tange is a creator of a world which is as recognizable as strange. What is shown is a remarkably closed world. The use of intimate, soft light creates a characteristic atmosphere. His work shows a well balanced composition which is made by objects and colours. Recognizable themes regularly return in his artistic work about the relationship between men and women, the urban jungle and the isolation of the human being.

Jacques Tange is a professional artist for almost 30 years. He is succesful in both commercialising as in developing his art. In 1996 he was awarded "The most popular artist" by an international bank, in 2003 "The most talented artist" and in 2005/6 "Artist of the year" [NL]. Jacques Tange exhibits his work all over the world. In the U.S, Turkey, Mexico, Chili, Panama and Europe. Several books and catalogues were published about his work. In 2010 he was assigned to create the poster for the world Cristmas circus in Amsterdam. Tange frequently donates his artwork to be auctioned to support charities.

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Jacques Tange

Jacques Tange | The Stars | Acrylic in canvas | 180x80 cm | Price on request

Jacques Tange

Jacques Tange | Hotmail | Acrylic on canvas | 120x140 cm | Price on request

Jacques Tange

Jacques Tange | Eva's Pets | Acrylic on canvas | 180x120 cm | Price on request

Jacques Tange

Jacques Tange | Runaway Bridegroom | Acrylic on canvas | 120x100 cm | Price on request

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