Dutch painters, sculptors and photographers by Art Gallery Voûte, Schiedam the Netherlands, in conjunction with Dutch companies


2012 Qatar Holland ArtExhibition


The Holland Art Exhibition in 2012 was sponsored by Philips (Main Sponsor), Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, Air France KLM, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mövenpick Tower & Suites Doha and Tax Consultants International.


THE GOLDEN AGE REVISITED: similarities between Qatar and The Netherlands


The 17th century, the Golden Age of the Netherlands, witnessed an explosion of wealth, art and architecture. The Netherlands still benefits from the work by painters like Rembrandt..


Qatar is now in its own Golden Age following significant economic and cultural developments. It is among the fastest growing economies in the world. The title The Golden Age Revisited was chosen to emphasise the link between the golden ages of the Netherlands and Qatar through business & cultural exchange. Qatar's stunning growth.


The Qatari royal family are, according to The Art Newspaper magazine, the world’s foremost contemporary art collectors. The royal family's love of arts and culture is gradually turning Qatar into a major intellectual and cultural hub, rivalling London, Paris and New York.





Prior to the discovery of oil, the Qatari economy was largely based on pearl fishing. Nowadays, pearl fishing has virtually disappeared. But the pearl is still seen as a symbol of Qatar's economic and cultural growth. Pearls are considered symbols of beauty and elegance. It is referred to as the Queen of gems or the tear of the sea, and is an emblem of beauty and purity.


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