Dutch painters, sculptors and photographers by Art Gallery Voûte, Schiedam the Netherlands, in conjunction with Dutch companies


Large sculptures in bronze or polyresin

Big Good Gorilla, Bronze, 190 cm.

Price on request

info@artipico.com or Tel + 31 651 922 582

Large sculptures Clemens Briels 29000

King and Queen of the Seas. Polyresin. 260 x 140 x 80 cm

Large sculptures Clemens Briels 32000

La Senora Passionada. Polyresin. 300 x 215 x 125 cm

Large sculptures Clemens Briels 29.000

L'Hirondelle. Polyresin. 255 cm. Also availble in 60 cm.

Large bronze sculptures 29800

Dynamo. Bronze. 165 cm

Large bronze sculptures 89.000

Gorilla. Bronze. 180 cm

Large bronze sculptures 120.000

Bull power. Bronze. 250 cm

Large bronze sculptures Fly away 13.500

Fly away. Bronze. 78 cm

Large bronze sculptures 33.000

Going together. Bronze. 190 x 85 cm

Large sculptures Clemens Briels 29000

El narrador del color. Polyresin. 250 x 80 x 150 cm.

Large sculptures Clemens Briels. klein 8950, groot 37.000

Leaf from umbrella tree. Polyresin. 320 cm. Also available in 120 cm.

Large sculptures Frans van Straaten

Bronzes in front of a hotel

Large sculptures Clemens Briels

Large sculptures at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

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